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What is Christian Family Outreach?
Christian Family Outreach is an organization created by lay-Catholics for Catholics. Its purpose is to save the family from the liberalism that the vast majority of Catholics have embraced since the Second Vatican Council. We have been distributing pamphlets throughout the United States for the past ten years as well as giving family-life programs for more than twenty years.

What can Christian Family Outreach offer me?
Our pamphlets and programs appeal to the common sense application of Church teachings, as well as addressing the psychological aspects of everyday living, such as dress, work, school, speech, not to mention the art of creating wealth. Many families have been destroyed through the mismanagement of money.

Who is Christian Family Outreach?
Mr. George Gil, founder and principal writer of Christian Family Outreach’s materials, which have been sent out to bishops, priests, and cardinals worldwide. Each pamphlet addresses problems that exist in the home and church. Mr. Gil is also a cogent speaker, and is the author of two books on family life, Man, Woman & Marriage and Man, Woman & Their Marriage Roles. He and his wife Gwen are the parents of eleven children, two of which have entered the religious life. They also had six miscarriages making a total of seventeen pregnancies.

St. Francis Academy
In 1982, George and his brother Robert founded St. Francis Academy, a home school organization, from which Christian Family Outreach was formed.

Contact Christian Family Outreach
Mr. Gil cordially invites any Church representative who disagrees with his writings to a recorded discussion of any of his pamphlets. Christian Family Outreach will then make the tape available free of charge to the public.

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